This blog is created and managed by Jagdesh Singh.The main aim of this blog is to share information and knowledge of technology no matter how old or new to the whole world.The technology that is discussed on this blog is about computer(Internet, Gadgets,Windows, Information etc. etc.) and the latest technology news.

As this blog evolves there will be more topics discussed such as handphones, new gadgets, laptops, desktops, Mac and Linux software and etc.

I hope you stay tune to this website and help it to evolve to become something greater.Thank you .


Jagdesh Singh

Creator and Owner of Only Tech Stuff


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Ganesh Says:

    The new theme looks nice. But I recommend another cool theme for your blog – Cutline. Try it out, you’ll like it.

  2. Jagdesh Says:

    ok thanks ganesh.i will have a look 😀

  3. debizyx Says:

    Good luck Jagdesh. And keep your eyes open for the next Blogging Idol competition, I understand you missed the current one 😦
    I’ve just subscribed to your blog. Hope you will subscribe to mine too, at

  4. debizyx Says:

    ooops, meant to say “I’m going to subscribe to your blog”, but I can’t find any way to do it. How can I subscribe?

  5. Jagdesh Says:

    Hey debizyx.Thanks for commenting.I will suscribe to our blog :D.On you suscribing to my blog i have not created a rss service for now as I am doing some changes here and there and I want to finalise everything before I open up to suscribing.Hope you dont mind.:)

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