Today my post is going to be about keyboard shortcuts.Most people hate to use the mouse and like keyboard shortcuts better as they do not like to waste time clicking and clicking over and over again.Keyboard can be created for almost any program or software on your computer with a few easy steps.I know most people know how to do this but this is for the sake who don’t or who has forgotten how to do it.Here are the steps(in pic):-

1Right click on the program of your choice and click properties


2 Go to shortcut key and click ctrl and alt together and enter your preferd letter,number or key.Example:-Ctrl+Alt+F.Press ok.


That`s all.In less than 2 minutes you can a specific shortcut for a program.It is that easy.I hope that my post benefited you in any way possible.If you have more shortcuts that you want to share or leave any comments and suggestion you may do so in the comments section.Thanks