Today my post is going to be about tech news.This is the first edition of Tech News of Only Tech Stuff.Tech News will be done every Saturday except for the first issue as some problems arise yesterday.Tech News will feature summary of 5 new stories that talks about anything and not only computers stuff.Here are the 5 stories of this week.


Story 1

Google Ad Deal Under Scrutiny

The US Justice Department has opened a formal investigation into a deal struck last month that would allow the Internet Titan Google to provide some search advertising for Yahoo! according to sources familiar with the inquiry.Investigation are planing to demand not only from Google and Yahoo!, but also from other large companies in the Internet and media industries, said to the sources, who spoke of condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing

Officials with Google and Yahoo! declined to comment on whether they had received any formal investigative demands or any details about their discussion with the Justice Department.Officials with the Justice Department also declined to comment.


Story 2

Microsoft seeks help help for another Yahoo! bid

Unable to strike a new deal on its own, Microsoft reportedly is hoping to snap up Yahoo! online search operations with the help of News Corp and Time Warner.The latest twist us Microsoft convoluted courtship caused Yahoo!`s shared to rise 3% in last week`s sinking stock market, even thought the chances of a deal getting done still remains remote.

Yahoo! hasn`t heard another formal proposal since June 8, said this person who is familiar with this situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the on-again,off-again negotiations are considered confidential.Microsoft`s talks with possible partners are still in preliminary stage and unlikely to culminate into a deal, according to people who spoke to the Journal. 


Story 3

Many US dial-up users don’t want broadband

A new study suggests that attitude rather than availability may be the key reason why more Americans don’t have high-speed internet access.The findings from the Pew Internet and American Life challenge the argument that broadband providers need to more aggressively roll out supply to meet demand.Overall, Pew found that 55% of American adults now have broadband access at home, up from 47% last year and 42% in March 2007.By contrast on 10% of American adults have dial-up connection,


Story 4

Browser pioneer joins Facebook board

Mac Anderson,an entrepreneur and software engineer behind the Web`s earliest browsers, has joined the board of the online hangout Facebook.Anderson is also a co-founder and chairman of Ning, a service for groups to create their own social networks – potentially competing with Facebook, though Face book described Ning`s system as “complementary”


Story 5

Wikipedia opens online human gene library

A group of US researches laid out the foundations for a new online library on human genetics stored within the existing frame-work of open access encyclopedia Wikipedia.

“There are 25.00 genes in the human gnome.We have 9,000 articles.Our goal is to provide a uniform starting point for all genes”said Andrew Su,one of the person behind”Gene Wiki”.Later he noted that is was up to other scientists to add information and keep it up to date as happens now with Wikipedia entries.


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