Today my post is going to be about only2clicks.I discovered this website/tool from a post from Life Rocks! 2.0.only2clicks is a great tool is you want to bring your bookmarks online and able to access it anytime and anywhere.This is possible because you need to create a account before you can use this website/tool.only2clicks has another cool feature that it allows you to create tab`s and name it to your liking.An example is maybe you want separate your music websites from your tech websites and by creating new tabs you are able to separate them into different categories.Another cool feature is you are able to make only2clicks your homepage and with that you easily access all your favourite websites.only2clicks also generates snapshots of websites so that you can easily recognize them and you also can arrange the position of your websites with dragging and dropping them to the position of your choice.

imageImage courtesy of Life Rocks! 2.0


only2clicks has a few skinks to choose from and all of them are great.Only2Clicks is also optimised for mobile devices.All in all this is a great website/tool to manage your bookmarks.


I hope that my post benefited you in any way possible.If you have more websites/tools that you want to share or leave any comments and suggestion you may do so in the comments section.Thanks