Today my post is going to be about software called Launchy.Do you think that your desktop is too crowded and has many app’s and folders.Isn`t it tiring searching through all of that just to find a folder or program.Don’t you wish that you just type the name of the program or file and it straight away comes up.That is where Launchy comes on.Launchy is a free windows utility that allows you access all your documents and files by just typing it in the search box and clicking enter.They also have a  variety of skinks and plugins to choose from.


launchy Example of search


2008-07-07_1531 Launchy Options


Features also include:-

  1. Able to search Google:-Type “google”(no quotation).Press tab.Type what you want to search.Press Enter.You will be directed to your search in your browser
  2. Check Weather           :-Type “weather””(no quotation).Press tab.Type your zipcode,city or state.Click Enter.You will be directed to your search in your browser.
  3. Able to search other websites:-Wikipedia,MSN, yahoo, amazon, netflix, imdb and many more.(direction same as above)

And Many More.Click here for more tips and tricks.Click here for download.

Tips and Tricks


I hope that my post benefited you in any way possible.If you have more software that you want to share or leave any comments and suggestion you may do so in the comments section.Thanks