Today my post is going to be about how to link two or more Hotmail accounts.This can pretty nifty trick if you have more than two or more hotmail accounts for whatever reasons.This is not new but I have just discovered it 15 days ago.By linking the accounts you just have to sign in to one account and you can access all your accounts from that one account(pic shown).


How To Create Link

  1. You sign in to your account and go to your inbox
  2. You click on your account name and click on link other accounts (pic shown)
  3. You will be then shown the page “Manage Linked ID`s” (pic shown)
  4. Click on the “Link an existing Windows Live Id”(pic shown)
  5. Then you will be lead to a new page where you have to type your password for your current account(pic shown)
  6. Below that page you have to type the id and the password of the account you want to link.(pic shown)
  7. After you have done step 5 and 6, click on the “link” button.
  8. You have linked your account



link2 Step 2

link 3Step 3

 llll Step 5 , 6 and 7


If you want to add more accounts just repeat step 1-7.


I hope that my post benefited you in any way possible.If you have more tips that you want to share or leave any comments and suggestion you may do so in the comments section.Thanks