Today my post is going to be about youtube converters.Basically everyone who watches videos online knows about youtube.Youtube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clip and it is the most popular on the web.I am going to skip everything else about youtube and go straight to the main topic.Just say you want to keep the video and don’t want to keep going back to the website to see it or you want to keep it for future reference.Or you just want to hear the mp3 and not see the video.If you have these problems I have just the right solution for you.These solution are called converters.Converters are software that allow you to convert online videos to your pc or change them to mp3 or even convert them so that you can play it on your phone.There are many converts that are available but I recommend only these two as I think they work the best.



Vixy is pretty easy to use.You just have to put the URL of the video of your choice in the URL box and it vixy

will convert the video in the format of your choice and then you just need to download the converted format and boom you have it on your desktop.This website also offers you to download the desktop version and it has the same function and look as the website but with ads.The desktop version is still in beta and it expires on June30 which is today so it no use now.The only thing I don’t like is that the website has a few ad`s and it is annoying.Other than that this is a great website and a great converter.



Vidtomp3 is a great website to use.As the name suggests it converts video to mp3 format.It has the same way of downloading like Vixy.You put your video URL and convert it and then download the converted file.The great thing abou t this site is that it supports other sites other than youtube.It supports metacafe, vidtomp3

myspace, Veoh, and many more websites.The bad thing is that is really crowded with ad`s and it is really hard to move around without accidentally clicking on the ad`s.But compared to the service and speed of the conversion, this is nothing.I recommend you to use this website if you have any video to convert into mp3.

I hope you have benefited from any way possible from my post.If you have better converts or anything at all just leave it the comments.Thank you.