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MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.MIDI files are digitized music files, but they are not considered digital audio because, instead of the original sound wave they contain coded version of musical scores; they are not actual recorded sound.

This is kind of a weird concept, but bear with me.MIDI files contain a coded representation of the musical notes of an instrument, for example, middle C on a piano, or the sound of an E string on a guitar.To be really technical for just a moment, MIDI is acutely a protocol for the interchange of musical information between instrument, synthesizers, and computes.It defines the codes for a musical event, like the start of the note, that note`s pitch, how long it plays, how loud it plays, and it`s musical attributes, such as vibrato.

Good sound cards with MIDI synthesizers can play up to 64 MIDI ”voices” at the same time.and MIDI files are much smaller than digital audio files.

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