Do you go to a website and it requires you to sign up before you can do anything on the web?Don’t you get tired of filling forms over and over again and the fact is you might not even return to the website again?If you do there is perfect solution for your problem and it is called Bugmenot.As the name suggests,this website helps you by bypassing all the bugmenot Main Page of Bugmenot

bugmenit3ID`S & Passwords

pesky sign up form and go straight to the content of the web.How do you ask?They do so by providing you a user id and a password which you can login with.You just have to type the website which you want to get the info into the search form and they will give you a few sets of id and password for your disposal.The only drawback is that not all of them work but they have set up a setting of somekind which allows you to see the success rate of the id and the password and they have arranged the id and password from the most successful to the least.They get this ids and passwords from users who had signed up to a particular website and provided bugmenot with the info.You can also help them by doing the same thing.

That’s all for now.I hope this post has helped you in any way possible.If you have better websites or have any thing to say you can leave comments in the comments section.Thank you.