June 2008

Click on link to hear MIDI file

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.MIDI files are digitized music files, but they are not considered digital audio because, instead of the original sound wave they contain coded version of musical scores; they are not actual recorded sound.

This is kind of a weird concept, but bear with me.MIDI files contain a coded representation of the musical notes of an instrument, for example, middle C on a piano, or the sound of an E string on a guitar.To be really technical for just a moment, MIDI is acutely a protocol for the interchange of musical information between instrument, synthesizers, and computes.It defines the codes for a musical event, like the start of the note, that note`s pitch, how long it plays, how loud it plays, and it`s musical attributes, such as vibrato.

Good sound cards with MIDI synthesizers can play up to 64 MIDI ”voices” at the same time.and MIDI files are much smaller than digital audio files.

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Today my post is going to be about youtube converters.Basically everyone who watches videos online knows about youtube.Youtube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clip and it is the most popular on the web.I am going to skip everything else about youtube and go straight to the main topic.Just say you want to keep the video and don’t want to keep going back to the website to see it or you want to keep it for future reference.Or you just want to hear the mp3 and not see the video.If you have these problems I have just the right solution for you.These solution are called converters.Converters are software that allow you to convert online videos to your pc or change them to mp3 or even convert them so that you can play it on your phone.There are many converts that are available but I recommend only these two as I think they work the best.



Vixy is pretty easy to use.You just have to put the URL of the video of your choice in the URL box and it vixy

will convert the video in the format of your choice and then you just need to download the converted format and boom you have it on your desktop.This website also offers you to download the desktop version and it has the same function and look as the website but with ads.The desktop version is still in beta and it expires on June30 which is today so it no use now.The only thing I don’t like is that the website has a few ad`s and it is annoying.Other than that this is a great website and a great converter.



Vidtomp3 is a great website to use.As the name suggests it converts video to mp3 format.It has the same way of downloading like Vixy.You put your video URL and convert it and then download the converted file.The great thing abou t this site is that it supports other sites other than youtube.It supports metacafe, vidtomp3

myspace, Veoh, and many more websites.The bad thing is that is really crowded with ad`s and it is really hard to move around without accidentally clicking on the ad`s.But compared to the service and speed of the conversion, this is nothing.I recommend you to use this website if you have any video to convert into mp3.

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Do you go to a website and it requires you to sign up before you can do anything on the web?Don’t you get tired of filling forms over and over again and the fact is you might not even return to the website again?If you do there is perfect solution for your problem and it is called Bugmenot.As the name suggests,this website helps you by bypassing all the bugmenot Main Page of Bugmenot

bugmenit3ID`S & Passwords

pesky sign up form and go straight to the content of the web.How do you ask?They do so by providing you a user id and a password which you can login with.You just have to type the website which you want to get the info into the search form and they will give you a few sets of id and password for your disposal.The only drawback is that not all of them work but they have set up a setting of somekind which allows you to see the success rate of the id and the password and they have arranged the id and password from the most successful to the least.They get this ids and passwords from users who had signed up to a particular website and provided bugmenot with the info.You can also help them by doing the same thing.

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Today my post is going to be about free file hosts.Basically what a free file host websites offers you is that you can store your files(no matter what kind of files) on the Internet for free.You can either keep it privately or share it with your friends and family with a download link which will be provided after you upload it.This service is completely free and if you are wondering how these websites make money,they do so by offering a paid service or by receiving donation from users like me and you.Here are my Top 3 Free File Host Websites:-


logo ZippyShare is a relatively new program compared to other file hosts.It is because of that it has not been popular compared to others.What I like about this website is that is has a clean look and it is not crowded with ad`s and links.It zippy ZippyShare main page

also doesn’t require any registration or any type of info from you.It is very easy to understand how to use the website even if it is your first time using a service like this.All the instruction are on the main page and anything else if it is required can be accessed through links provided on the main page.It can support multiple downloads at the same time.It has a fast upload speed as this website has many servers.A link to the uploaded file will be provided after you upload your file.The are two things that I want to complain zippy2 Link which is provided.

about ZippyShare is that the file life is only 30 days after the last download.It means that if you are making backup for personal use you have to constantly update it.The other thing is it restriction of only 100mb per upload.If you have a file bigger than this size this website will be no use to you.All in all I think it is a great website if you can meet the requirements,I really recommend you to use it.


mediafire_logo Another great website that I found is mediafire.The great thing about this website is that they offer you to create a free account on the site and with that account you can store and organize your files and it wont be deleted from the website.It supports multiple uploads at the same time and the website is also not crowded by other ads and links.A link will also be provided after your upload if you wish to share your file with other people.The only drawback is that it has a restriction of 100MB per file.If you can waive that away,this is a great website to use.


 shurrit2 The reason I like shurrit is that you are able to password protect your files which non of the previous 2 websites did.Password protect means that you put a password before you upload your file and if a person wants to download your file he/she need the password which you had entered before he/she can proceed with the download.This website uploads your file to other websites like mediafire,zhare and so


on.This means by clicking on the link provided you can download the file from other websites which shurrit has uploaded it too.The thingsi don’t like about this website is that it is still in beta so problems might arise.I also don’t like the look of the website because it is full of ad`s.Other than that it also doesn’t support the download of the file on shurrit so you have to go to the links provided to other websites to continue with your download.Lastly shurrit only supports up to 100MB per file.I leave it up to you if you want to use this website as I think it has equal number of pro`s and con`s and I too cant make up my mind if I want to use this service or not.

That`s all for now.If you have better websites you can leave it on the comments and I hope this post helps you in any way possible.